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Prompted | Ventrobikin
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Obi-Wan Kenobi, Asajj Ventress
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Part 3 of Prompted
Published: 2021-04-08 Words: 9,523 Chapters: 2/2

Prompted | Ventrobikin


A collection of short smutty oneshots written in response to prompts :)

One: After barely escaping from Maul and Savage with their lives, Obi-Wan and Ventress are trapped together in a small cockpit for hours, flying back to their respective ships on Raydonia. However will they pass the time? Two: Anakin has noticed his Master disappearing at night, and decides to follow him down to the lower levels of Coruscant. What he finds is... not exactly what he expected.



Chapter Notes

Prompt: now that you wrote some obianidala, would you ever consider dipping your toes into any other sw ships? like maybe... ventrobi 👀👀👀

My answer is YES ventrobi, but there is still implied (pre-)obikin haha i've already been prompted to include the ot3 so there you go. Next time :)

This chapter's AU excludes the Ventress-kidnapped-and-tortured-Obi-Wan-subplot from Legends and goes off what is currently canon. Other AUs in the future may be different on that front hehe

Ventress’s palms were sweaty as she adjusted her grip on her saber hilt.

She exhaled and swung her humming blade up into guard position, slowly backing away from a rapidly advancing Savage Opress. The small cargo hold, filled with sharp, heavy crates had proved a tricky and painful location to fight, and without Kenobi at her back, she was having much more trouble than was entirely necessary. 

As if summoned, Kenobi landed with a loud thump at her side, dirty and bruised, apparently kicked down from the catwalk by Savage’s brother. Maul, or something. Pathetic Nightbrother cast-offs, the both of them.

Kenobi coughed on impact and scrambled to his feet, clenching his jaw and getting his blade up in guard position. “We're outmatched.” His voice was both pained and matter-of-fact. 

“You want to run?” Ventress said, surprised, annoyed, and slightly relieved. 

“I learned from watching you,” Kenobi sniped. His eyes were flicking from around the room, his posture loose and ready. 

“Funny,” Ventress replied with a glare, thinking through their options. “The cockpit?”

Kenobi’s eyes widened, and Ventress felt danger, danger, danger in the Force behind her. He shouted, “Now!” and spun away.

Ventress mirrored him, spinning and barely catching the vicious blow from Maul’s saber. She engaged with him, and felt Kenobi dart toward Savage and the cockpit. She focused on her own fight—their crimson blades clashing together, over and over. She was exhausted, but felt a thrum of fierce pleasure at just how easily and instinctively she was falling back on her training in the Force. 

Maul was just so kriffing fast, so kriffing agile with his uncanny legs. 

She could recognize Mother Talzin’s work, and felt a swell of rage. The anger just made her fight better, faster, stronger—the dark side was calling, seductive as ever. She grimaced, withdrawing slightly, losing her advantage. No, don’t use it, don’t touch it.  

She finally heard Kenobi’s frantic yell, “Come on, come on!” and disengaged entirely, flipping backward away from danger. She pushed herself up hard, using an Ataru style flip to jump over Savage. It was easier than it should have been, and she went higher than she’d expected. Kenobi had helped her, lifted her and pulled her with the Force. 

Ventress landed softly and spun to face the two brothers, who were advancing on her, blades up. She sneered and pushed as hard as she could with the Force, shoving them back and away from the cargo hold door, and darted backward, engaging the mechanism just in time to put a barrier between her and Maul. 

His lightsaber pierced the thick metal door, attempting to cut his way through. Ventress looked at the red blade, humming so very close to her face. Savage’s blade pieced the door as well, working to cut down the other side. She backed away, turning her head to yell toward the front of the cockpit. “Hurry, Kenobi!”

“I'm working on it!” He shouted back, sounding strained and distracted.

Ventress exhaled hard with relief when the inner doors sealed; the cockpit was preparing to disengage from the cargo hold entirely. She watched through the transparisteel window, her heart pounding and fingers twitching with agitation as the brothers continued to cut through the airlock on the other side.

She couldn't help calling out again, “Come on, hurry!” They kept coming, so close to getting through, they had seconds maybe, only seconds until... “Now would be a good time!”

“Blast!” Kenobi swore, and Ventress thought she heard him pound hard on the controls, and the cockpit finally disengaged, speeding abruptly away from danger. 

After all that noise, confusion and danger—it was now very dark and very quiet.

Ventress’s heart was still pounding in her ears, the dark side of the Force still just a little too close. She took a deep, calming breath that did little to actually help her calm down, and turned away from the door, putting her lightsabers back on her belt. The cockpit suddenly felt too small, and Kenobi’s presence too large. 

She glared at him, from his scuffed boots to his rapidly bruising cheekbone. He was busily charting their course back to their own respective ships on Raydonia, and was currently ignoring her. She couldn’t help but needle him, her tone snide. “That was cutting it a little close.”

“You do know it's not over.” Kenobi spoke over his shoulder, his attention still focused on the controls. His voice was so condescending.

Ventress leaned against the wall and rolled her eyes behind his back. “I know.” 

“They'll be after us both now.” Kenobi continued in the same tone of voice. She stared at the back of his head, at his slightly ruffled hair and wondered how Skywalker could stand it. Kenobi was so superior and smug, even when bloody and beaten—he somehow managed to be patronizing

“I know,” Ventress repeated, more stridently. She still felt so keyed up, but there was hardly even room to pace in the small cockpit, hardly enough room to move. “Obviously, Kenobi. Did they give you brain damage?”

Kenobi laughed, and flinched slightly, touching his side and frowning. “I would not have lived this long if I couldn’t protect my vital organs when being thrown into a wall.”

Ventress hummed doubtfully. “Your brain still seems questionable.”

“Thank you,” Kenobi sighed, giving up on testing his ribs for injuries. He relaxed into his seat, tipping his head back against the headrest. “I’ve never been so happy to disagree with someone. If my choices made sense to you, that would be very dire indeed.”

“They ‘make sense,’” Ventress sniped back. “They’re just incredibly stupid.” She stalked from the wall to stand just behind his chair, feeling a swell of disdain. “Did you really go to Raydonia with no backup?”

“Yes,” Kenobi sighed, smoothing a hand down his beard. “Maul said to come alone.”

“You idiot,” Ventress sneered, and paced away again. 

Kenobi’s voice followed her, equally disdainful. “Did you know that I cut him in half? I really can’t stress enough that I cut him in half.”

“He seemed just fine,” Ventress said drily, placing a hand on the transparisteel, appreciating the barrier holding back the hard vacuum of space, giving them distance from the nightmare of that cargo hold. “You should have known it was a trap.”

“Oh, I knew,” Kenobi shrugged, exhaling in something like a laugh. “It’s so much more expedient to simply spring the trap than to try to evade it. They rarely expect it.”

Ventress felt an urge to slap him for being so arrogant. It had been very satisfying to slap him awake, earlier. She crossed the cockpit in three steps and dropped into the co-pilot’s seat, staring intently at the side of his face. “Maul certainly expected it.”

“Yes,” Kenobi admitted, seeming uncomfortable under her close observation. “He has my number, I’m afraid.”

She sneered at him. “You are not terribly difficult to read.”

“Am I not?” Kenobi’s lips twitched. “Many would disagree with you.”

“Well, Skywalker is an idiot.” Ventress rolled her eyes to the ceiling and kept them there, collapsing back into the chair and heaving a deep sigh. She needed to move, fight, break something.  

Kenobi scoffed, instantly offended on Skywalker’s behalf. So predictable. “You’ve interacted with him for approximately twelve seconds without lightsabers drawn. How can you possibly know that?”

“Twelve seconds was enough,” Ventress shrugged, sending him a sideways look. “He’s an idiot. You’re always chasing after him, cleaning up his messes.”

“He chases after me too,” Kenobi said, brow furrowing. 

“Is that really the Jedi way?” She raised an eyebrow as Kenobi adjusted the sleeves of his tunic, his face becoming suspiciously blank. “I thought not.”

Kenobi remained stubbornly mute about the subject, leaning forward to run a systems check on the cockpit. She studied his face, and narrowed her eyes. She’d always wondered, and now she could finally ask. 

“Are you fucking him?”

“What?” Kenobi tensed and snapped his face back towards her, aghast. “Why in the Force would you ask that?”

“That wasn’t a no,” Ventress began to smile, enjoying this very much. He looked hunted. “Or is he fucking you?”

“No! Sith hells. Of course not. Neither of those. None of that.” Kenobi grimaced at her and then returned his face to the front, cheeks flushing slightly pink. Ventress felt a swell of victory, and it only increased with Kenobi’s continued defensive, fervent words. “He is my former Apprentice, that’s absolutely obscene to even suggest, Ventress. We are both Knights of the Jedi Order, and I—”

“Want to,” Ventress cut him off, waving a hand. “You don’t have to lie to me.”

Kenobi’s nostrils flared in frustration, his fists clenching. “I am very much not lying.”

“Then why are you so bothered?” Ventress asked, genuinely curious. 

Kenobi widened his eyes at her in disbelief, and then looked away, exhaling hard and attempting to calm himself. He spoke delicately. “It’s… that’s very inappropriate for you to say. We don’t do that. I don’t think about that—him—like that.”

“Ah,” Ventress drawled. “Repression. Very healthy, very smart.” 

His spine was still so rigidly straight, what would it even be like to pull the stick out of his ass?  

“Shut up,” Kenobi said, sounding irritable. “Just stop talking. There’s obviously no hyperspace capability to this shuttle so we’re having to go sub-light back to the planet. It’s going to take more than an hour to get back to Raydonia.”

Ventress played with the strap of her thigh holster. “Whatever shall we do to pass the time?”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m going into a healing trance.”

“Are you?” She studied him—he still looked tense and keyed-up from the fight, just like she did. The adrenaline lingered in her limbs, making her feel desperate to move, fight, kill. Do something, anything. “Good luck with that.”

“It will not be a challenge.” He shifted in his seat, voice becoming infuriatingly condescending and arrogant again. “Might I remind you that I am a Jedi Master.”

“You might,” Ventress said, unimpressed. “Fine.” She stood up and paced back to the door. Three steps. “There isn’t room in here for me to do full katas but I need to move, so I’m going to stretch behind you. Don’t lean back.”

“Fine,” Kenobi huffed. “As If I would lean back, anyway. I’m meditating, not sleeping.” There was a long second before he laughed. “Anakin always does that too, you know. You’re in fine company.”

“So flattering to be compared to Skywalker.” Ventress bent and twisted at the waist, reaching from side to side, stretching her arms and then straightening. The silence stretched out for several long moments before she couldn’t resist. “Does that mean you want to fuck me, too?”

“Stop it,” Kenobi’s voice was flat and forbidding. “Don’t talk about things you don’t understand.”

“I’m offended you think I don’t understand something so simple, my dear Obi-Wan,” Ventress smiled, enjoying how frustrated he was getting. It was like poking a rancor with a long stick. “How is your healing trance going?”

“Stop talking,” he said stridently. “And it will be fine.”

“Hmm,” Ventress mused, sitting on the floor and touching her toes. “No. I think I’d much prefer to talk about the time I almost cut Skywalker’s head off.” 

She felt a thrill as Kenobi went unnaturally still, almost vibrating with anger. She continued speaking, tone loose and casual, “I’d disarmed him first, of course. It’s so easy to do, you know, your precious Anakin gets so very mad that it’s easy to distract him. Another millimeter and I’d at least have had his eye. Dooku might have been proud of me for that.”

“Why are you antagonizing me?” Kenobi’s head had swiveled back, his eyes cold and intent on her face. “Simply stop talking. It is not difficult. There is no reason for you to do this.”

“No reasons that you understand, clearly…” Ventress drawled, leaning back and looking him over again, speculatively. He really wasn’t bad to look at, for all the jesting—under the robes would probably be better, just get him out of all that kriffing beige. “…Master Jedi that you are.”

“What does that mean?” Kenobi had turned more than just his head now, twisting to face her with an expression that screamed danger, danger, danger. “What are you trying to get me to do? Fight you? We just fought back-to-back.”

“I was there, Kenobi.” Ventress let her smile grow wide, taunting, her fingers trailing over and circling the hilts of her sabers. Yes, this would be fun. “I remember fine. I remember saving your pathetic life.”

“Phenomenal, thank you for that,” Kenobi snapped, glaring. “Stop trying to pick a fight now.”

“I don’t want to fight,” Ventress sighed, pulling her hand off her hilt to study her fingernails casually. She spread her legs a fraction, enough to draw attention. “I want to fuck.”

Kenobi’s face flushed, and he turned around quickly, sitting with a huff. “No.”

“No,” Ventress mimicked his tone, standing up and walking towards the pilot’s chair. Kenobi shot her a warning look, but did not move as she approached. “Yes. Let’s fuck, Obi-Wan. It’s the perfect way to pass the time.”

Kenobi looked pained. “Ventress, you are my enemy in every—”

“So what?” She threw a leg over and gracefully placed herself in Kenobi’s lap, caging him in the chair with her arms and legs, face-to-face. She made eye contact, studying the trapped expression in his really very blue eyes. “We can still fuck.”  

She rolled her hips slightly, and his hands jumped to grab her and hold her still. She wiggled, testing his grip, and his fingers dug in tighter. It felt good. She murmured, “We have so much time to kill. Unless you really are fucking Skywalker, and need to stay faithful to your belo—”

Kenobi smacked a hand over her mouth, cutting her off. “Stop saying that.”

She rolled her hips in response, speaking against his palm, dragging her lips on his skin like a kiss. “You’re fucking Skywalker.”

“I,” Kenobi said, voice low, intent, and deep. “Am. Not.”

Ventress rocked her hips again, kissing more muffled words against his palm. “You want to. Does he know you think about fu—”

Kenobi surged upward out of the seat, flipping them both over onto the floor and pinning her down beneath him. He looked between his hands holding her wrists and her uncovered mouth, and frowned. “I should gag you with something.” 

“Don’t threaten me with a good time, Kenobi.”

He glared at her, so she licked her lips, enjoying how his eyes followed her tongue before flicking away. She shifted under him, and he increased the pressure on her wrists and growled, exasperated. “Stop!”

She blinked up at him innocently, her eyes wide. “Do you threaten to gag Skywalker?” He did not respond, except through a narrowing of the eyes and tightening on the grip on her wrists. She shifted her hips up into him. “Haven’t you thought about it? Gagging him? With your cock?”

He huffed an offended breath and replied emphatically, “No!” He finally let go of her wrists, sitting back and rising to his knees. His blush had spread down his neck, and she could see it under his beard. So satisfying. “I do not think about that. Stop talking about it.”

She followed him up and then flipped them over, so she was sitting on his stomach, his wrists now trapped in her hands. He didn’t resist, and she began to rock her hips back. He hissed a breath as she brought her mouth to his ear, whispering, “Not even when he’s being a problem? I’ll bet you’ve wanted to spank him for being naughty.”  

“Stop it,” Kenobi groaned, trying to wriggle free, and inadvertently let Ventress feel his hard cock through his tunics for the first time in their resulting struggle. She grinned and he collapsed back, frustrated, his voice rough. “Will you at least stop talking about Anakin.”

Ventress made a mock-thoughtful face. “No. I don’t see any reason why I should. I have nothing else to do, you see. I am very bored.” 

“If I fuck you, will you stop?” Kenobi’s polite, patrician accent sounded out the syllables in a way that made heat pool in her stomach, and her breath catch in her throat. He noticed, and raised an eyebrow.

She rocked her hips along his cock more deliberately, enjoying the deepening blush on his cheeks and quickening breath. “Depends on how good you are.”

“Charming,” he said, tone slightly strained. His hands clenched and released, as if to reach for her, but Ventress held his wrists down. 

She leaned forward, bringing their faces close together, meeting his eyes—his pupils were blown, his eyes so dark. “I’m afraid I don’t have much hope.”

Kenobi broke eye contact, his eyes sliding down. He whispered against her mouth, “Shut up,” 

“Make me,” Ventress said, the movement of her lips brushing their mouths together. She teased him with the lightest contact before kissing him harder, sucking on and then biting his lower lip hard.

It worked.

Kenobi groaned and used his strength to flip them back over, rolling back on top. He kicked her legs apart and settled between in the cradle of her hips, somehow perfectly managing to rub his hard cock against her clit. She moaned, and he laughed,  “I had no idea you were such a schutta, Ventress.”

“I hate you,” She said, and was immediately frustrated by how breathy her voice sounded. “You’re pathetic.”

Kenobi nodded and leaned forward, crushing their mouths together, kissing her hard. It felt so good to be held down. She kissed him back, opening her mouth, letting him lick inside, moaning when their tongues touched. It sent a spike of arousal straight through her, and she shifted her hips up against his impatiently.

The movement made Kenobi pull his head back, smirking at her, so smug. Oh, she wanted to hit him. 

“I really do hate you,” she repeated, weaker this time, as she tugged her hands free. He released them and let her reach down to unfasten her belt and push her leggings down off her hips. 

“Yes, I know,” He said, so patronizing, like he was indulging a youngling, removing his own belt and tossing it aside. “I don’t hate you.”

She sneered, “You can’t, can you. Jedi Masters can’t possibly hate, can they?” 

He gave her a superior look, unfastening his trousers and pulling out his cock. And what a cock it was. “Hate leads to the dark side, as you know very well, Ventress.”

She hummed, trying to seem indifferent. “Can Jedi Masters love? Does Skywalker know that—”

Kenobi quickly unsnapped a small leather pouch from her belt and shoved it in her mouth. It was too big to swallow, and she choked. He spoke, so satisfied. “You will shut up now.” 

She glared and tried to spit it out, but he clamped a hand on her mouth and jaw. “I assure you that you have succeeded in your objective of getting me to fuck you, I will, but you will be silent as it happens, or I swear to the Force that I will stop and you will not come. Can you breathe?”

Ventress felt livid and nodded underneath his hand. His voice was full of a warning, “You will not spit this out.” She nodded again, and he removed his hand. He grabbed her and roughly flipped her over onto her stomach, spreading her legs and settling between them. He yanked on her hips, tugging and saying, “Up.”

She huffed around the gag and shifted up to her knees, hyperaware of how her back was extending in a long arc, her hips rocking back. He placed his hands on her bare ass, grabbing her soft curves and tightening his grip. She whimpered at the pressure and he spanked her once, hard. “Quiet.”

Ventress clenched her fists, furious, and nodded, her cheek pressed against the floor. She rocked her hips back in a silent plea, and his fingers slid between her legs, as if he were checking to see how wet she was. She exhaled hard as he rubbed her clit hard for several, long, perfect moments and then pulled his hand away. “You really want this.”

She nodded again, feeling almost ashamed at how wet she was, until she felt his hard cock slide between her legs. She turned her face back to look at him, and see the expression on his face. He looked so aroused, it was a relief. He wanted this too.  

His voice was raspy and low. “You will not mention Anakin to me again.”

She rolled her eyes and nodded. He lined up the tip of his cock with her entrance, teasing her by rubbing the head against her instead of thrusting inside. It was driving her insane. He sounded regretful. “It’s almost too bad I can’t make you beg for it, but really you’re so very wet that I don’t need to. I can tell how much you want it.

She fought down a frustrated groan and rocked her hips back, trying to get his cock to sink inside—she needed it, it was driving her insane, teasing and so close, yet so far. He spanked her again and she swallowed a moan. He stroked the spot he’d hit, soothing, praising her for being quiet. “Good girl.”

Her eyes fluttered closed as she felt a simultaneous wave of loathing and relief. It shouldn’t feel this good to get his approval. He was insufferable, his opinion didn’t matter. She obediently remained still, waiting for him to fuck her, her heart pounding. The metal floor of the cockpit was cool against her cheek.

Finally, he pushed his cock against her more firmly, the tip sinking in easily. He paused for a moment and then he snapped his hips forward, the length of his cock sliding deep, filling her up all at once. 

She moaned loudly, the leather pouch falling out of her mouth, wet with marks from her teeth. He fucked in again harder and she moaned again. His voice was strained as his hips sped up. “I told you to be quiet.”

She growled, giving him a dirty look. “Are you used to fucking someone else, someone who does as he’s told?”

He spanked her hard, making her jerk and moan. “I told you not to do that.”

“I didn’t say who it was,” she said with satisfaction. His rhythm faltered for a moment and then sped up. She hummed in approval, appreciating how this angle made his thick cock hit just the right spot, over and over, making her toes curl and heart race. “You did that to yourself.”

“Shut up,” Kenobi said emphatically, punctuating his words with hard thrusts that smacked their hips together loudly enough to fill the small cockpit with the sound. He adjusted her hips, spreading her legs further apart, and began to fuck her faster, harder, hitting so deep, just right.

Ventress groaned and slid a hand toward her clit to rub it—so close to coming, so very close. 

“Make yourself come, then,” Kenobi said, his hands gripping her hips harder, and his cock so perfect, so deep inside. “Come on my cock, Ventress.”

His stupid, kriffing, annoying voice was coming to make her come. 

She began to rub light, fast circles on her clit, sending sparkles of pleasure up her spine. Her mouth fell open as every thrust began to make her side closer and closer to the edge, a rising wave of sensation coming to take her over. Kenobi murmured, sounding oddly almost caring, “Come on, come for me now.”

One last stroke against that perfect spot and she broke. She came with a loud moan, the growing wave of pleasure finally creating and overwhelming her mind, spreading down her spine out, tingling out to her fingers and toes. It was perfect, so good, felt so good. She realized Kenobi was muttering, “Good, yes, good.”

All at once, it was too much, and she pushed him back with the Force. He made a noise that she was certain he would deny later when he slipped out, and then another one when she flipped him to the floor. He looked up at her, slightly disoriented, his cock so flushed and red. “What?”

Ventress grinned, and straddled him, holding him down with the Force. She was so wet it was easy to slide the tip of his cock back inside and sink down on his length, taking him all in one rough movement. He groaned and clutched her hips, his mouth falling open. “Fuck.”

She grabbed his hair and mimicked his voice, beginning to ride him. “I told you to be quiet.”

He glared at her, breathing fast. She leaned forward and began to roll her hips faster, fucking herself on his hard cock exactly as she pleased. Face-to-face, she could appreciate how dishevelled he was, how aroused. Kenobi, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, looked wrecked, and it made her feel divine.  

“Ventress,” he hissed, and she felt him attempt to throw off the intangible hand in the Force she was using to keep his hips still. 

“Yes, darling? Something you need?” She fucked herself faster, rubbing her clit. Could she come again, so fast? Yes, probably. Definitely.  

“Yes,” he growled up at her, his eyes so blue. “Let me fuck you.”

“No,” Ventress smirked. “It’s my turn.” She leaned forward slightly, improving the angle, rocking her hips ever faster. “You’ll take what I give you.”

“Fine,” Kenobi exhaled, frustrated. “Make me come, then.”

“Bossy,” she murmured, tipping her head down to kiss him. “I shouldn’t.”

He moved one hand from her hip to cup her face, his thumb rubbing her cheekbone, holding her close, prolonging the kiss. Ventress was distracted by the way he kissed her, full of something like tenderness, and she almost lost track of her rhythm. He seized her distraction to free his hips from her hold in the Force, fucking up into her, meeting her downward thrusts. 

They broke the kiss and pulled their faces apart, glaring at each other for a moment before Ventress sighed and stilled her hips, spreading her legs further and leaning forward, letting Kenobi fuck up into her more easily. He groaned with relief, fucking her fast and rough, his hands gripping her hips tightly. “Thank you.”

“Don’t come inside me,” she warned him. “You better tell me when you’re close.”

He huffed as though insulted, and nodded. She stroked her clit again, feeling another orgasm bubbling up, as long as he kept fucking her, just like that, perfect, yes.  

He groaned when she went tight around him again—waves of pleasure making her curl forward and moan loudly. He pulled out and began to jerk his cock quickly, his eyes flicking around her face. They made eye contact, and he made a low noise in his throat and came into his hand. It was fascinating to see his face tense with pleasure, his expression finally seeming out of his control.

Ventress sighed with satisfaction, and the cockpit was very quiet except for the sound of their breathing. 

Kenobi lay back heavily, wiping his hand on his tabard. He stared at her, as if waking up from a dream. “What were you even doing on that ship, Ventress?” He sounded exhausted. “How did you know?”

“I didn’t.” She shrugged, sliding off his lap and laying on the floor too, staring at the ceiling. “I was bounty hunting. Savage is… my responsibility.”

“Ah,” Kenobi said, unsurprised. It was quiet again, until he broke it. “Thank you, I suppose.”

“You do owe me your life,” Ventress muttered, turning her head to the side to study his profile. “From what I heard, you were about to die badly.”

He made a small noise in agreement. It was silent for a long moment, and then he rolled his head to the side, looking at her too. “I won’t hand you over to the Republic for prosecution of your many atrocities, how about that? Is that fair exchange?”

A small knot of anxiety that she hadn’t even realized existed released, and she smiled at him slowly. Nodding in approval, she turned her face back to the ceiling with a sigh, relaxing completely at his side, just for a moment. Just for now. “That’s a good start.”

Chapter End Notes

Thanks for reading!

I know every author in this ship has to write a post e22 fic, it's just handed to us by canon on a silver platter. It's been more than a year since I read another version of this so hopefully it is not treading on anyone's feet. I know that there are certain tropes where I would want to read 50 fics doing the same thing and I hope this is one of those situations!

+ Anakin makes three

Chapter Notes

Hello friends, the Muses said "you must write the next prompt, and make it truly ventrobiKIN" and who am I to resist?

They are all exactly as OOC as they would need to be to.... do the things they do here. But hopefully no more than that.

Anakin knew that Obi-Wan had been sneaking out.

Whenever they were stationed on Coruscant, there were nights when he vanished. Sometimes on deployment to random planets in random sectors, he would slip away too. Obi-Wan was always stealthy enough to evade detection on leaving, and returned with equal secretiveness. 

Anakin hated it. 

Obi-Wan had never done that when he’d been a Padawan. Now that Anakin was a Knight, and had his own rooms, his own battalion, he must think that he could get away with it without Anakin’s notice. 

Anakin noticed.

It’s not that he was watching Obi-Wan, exactly, but he just made sure that he was always aware of where he was. So, when he was not where he’d said he’d be, it made Anakin confused and concerned. And suspicious. 

Who was Obi-Wan sneaking out to see? Did he have a lover, or something? Who? Why did he have to bother sneaking out to get laid when Anakin was right there?

Anakin grumbled, and tried the buzzer on Obi-Wan’s door again. He must have missed him. It wasn’t even that late—this was absurd. He had to know. The residential hallway of the Temple around him was almost too silent, and he paced toward the lift like a predator stalking prey. He would find out.

He flipped out his comlink, and punched in a familiar comcode. “Commander?”

“General Skywalker, sir?” Cody’s voice was polite and confused. He didn’t sound as if he had been sleeping, despite the late hour, but that wasn’t a surprise. He did a lot of paperwork.

“Do you have a location on General Kenobi?”

“What?” Cody sounded resigned. “He’s not at the Temple?”

“Nope,” Anakin said, stepping through the open lift doors and punching the button for down several times.  

“Is he answering his comlink?” Cody asked, as though he knew the answer.

“Nope!” Anakin popped the final p, his voice falsely cheerful. “He is not!”

“I’m forwarding the location of his comlink to your datapad. Is there anything else, General?”

“No,” Anakin sighed. “Thank you, Cody.”

“Good luck, sir.” Cody disconnected, pointedly not asking why Anakin had needed the information. Anakin smiled slightly at his reflection in the lift door. As Obi-Wan would say, good man, that Cody.  

He pulled up the location on his datapad, and stared hard at the dot signalling that Obi-Wan was currently in the lower levels, and moving lower. Did that mean he was going to a club to meet a stranger? Or was he meeting some important person in a secret location?

There was only one way to find out.

Anakin turned his steps toward the Temple Hangar, and the speeder that had been set aside as his own special project. Over the years it had been greatly modified, and by now was probably dangerous for anyone else to fly, and so it was always available for him to use. He hopped inside and powered up the engines, piloting the speeder out into the night. 

He joined a lane of traffic descending to the lower levels, swerving and dipping around other speeders and hoverbuses. He checked Obi-Wan’s location several times, and then rolled his eyes when he realized that he was headed directly toward the Outlander. Honestly, that should have been Anakin’s first guess. He hadn’t needed to bother Cody for that.

While he’d never actually followed Obi-Wan out before, it made perfect sense that he would go to his favorite bar. Obviously, Anakin.  

He sighed, and accelerated. Now that he knew his destination, it was time to race. The traffic around him faded into mere obstacles to avoid on another podrace circuit. Going fast enough, he could always fall into a meditative state, joining with his vehicle and disappearing inside it, becoming it. It was the only form of meditation that really worked.

He was having trouble meditating tonight. Was Obi-Wan picking up someone random? Fucking some stranger? Letting a stranger fuck him, instead? Taking a stranger’s cock? The thought made Anakin’s cheeks flush with indignation and arousal. He tried usually to keep his thoughts as pure as possible about his old Master, but sometimes it was just impossible.

He tried to remember that Obi-Wan probably preferred women, like the kriffing Duchess, and tried to shift his hypothetical scenario. He let his imagination linger on Obi-Wan fucking a curvy blue Twi’lek, and cursed as his cock twitched and his piloting got sloppy. Pure thoughts, Anakin. Pure thoughts.

The problem with pure thoughts is that Obi-Wan drove Anakin insane with just how attractive he was without even kriffing trying. For years, Obi-Wan in any state of undress was better than any dirty pictures on the holonet, and Obi-Wan sparring with him shirtless and sweaty was better than watching a hundred dirty holovids. 

Anakin always got hard, and it was a miracle that Obi-Wan hadn’t noticed.

He made the final few turns with semi-reckless abandon. He knew he was close—he could feel Obi-Wan’s presence in the Force. He was feeling some kind of strong emotion, so his presence in the Force was trembling like ripples in a still pond. All Anakin had to do was follow the disturbance to the source.

He parked and hopped out onto street level, walking quickly. He frowned as he almost passed by the Outlander, knowing with certainty that Obi-Wan was not actually inside. Then where was he?  

Anakin paused and focused, opening his senses to the intangible field of the Force around him. He pivoted and headed toward a small alley on the far side of the club, down that alley, and turned right again, and stopped like he’d run into a wall.

He blinked, and then looked again. He was… there was… 

A couple was crushed together against the wall nearby, fucking, and Anakin would recognize that back and hair anywhere. It was him. Obi-Wan. 

They were almost fully dressed—Obi-Wan’s trousers looked like they’d been hastily opened, his tabards pushed aside sloppily. His face was buried in the neck of a woman he was fucking hard against the wall of the alley, his hips moving swiftly into her. Her arms were wrapped around him, legs spread over his arms and thighs pinned back against the wall. Her face was hidden, her moans audible, as well as the actual sound of Obi-Wan fucking his cock into her.

Anakin stood as if turned to stone, his cock getting hard so fast he felt lightheaded. He couldn’t look away, the figures burning themselves in his retinas and in his memory, never to be forgotten. Obi-Wan’s hips snapping forward, burying his cock in her, over and over, sliding in so deep. The way he was holding her up so easily, holding her legs open so wide.

It looked like the woman murmured something in Obi-Wan’s ear and then Obi-Wan bit her neck hard, making her tip her head back and moan loudly. 


“Ventress?” Anakin said, loudly and accidentally. 

The alley became very quiet, the shadowy space between them filled with tension. Obi-Wan froze, even his chest stopped moving as if he’d stopped breathing, his cock still buried deep inside kriffing Ventress. What the fierfek was going on? She looked over at him, and then bizarrely, a smile split her face. “Skywalker.”

Hearing her speak, Obi-Wan pushed back. He set her down, too gently, and rapidly fixed his clothing. He was still facing toward the wall, and wasn’t looking at Anakin, so Anakin couldn’t see his expression in the dim light. Or his cock, pity that… 

“Oh, so it does go both ways,” Ventress said, her voice rich with satisfaction. Anakin realized she’d been studying his face, and had come to some conclusion. She smoothed down her own tunic, but did not reach down to pull up her leggings. “Do you know—”

“Asajj,” Obi-Wan cut her off, looking up at her sharply. “Don’t.”

“Asajj?” Anakin repeated, his voice squeaky and incredulous.

“You’ll thank me later,” Ventress muttered back to Obi-Wan, her voice condescending.

Obi-Wan ran a hand through his hair, attempting to fix any dishevelment, and failing. “No, I—” 

“What?” Anakin spoke over him, still rooted in place. The alley was suddenly too small, the air too warm. “What do I know?”

Ventress laughed, gesturing between them. Her voice was full of some odd emotion—was it bitterness? “Listen, he’s only fucking me because he can’t fuck you.”

“That’s not true,” Obi-Wan said immediately, his voice wary and defensive. 

“Fine,” she rolled her eyes. “Not the only reason. Just the primary one.”

“Still not true,” Obi-Wan said, his eyes finally landing on Anakin’s face, but not quite meeting his eyes. It was impossible to read his expression, his presence in the Force was trembling with something large and potent.

“What?” Anakin asked, heart pounding, gaze flicking between Obi-Wan and Ventress before fixing intently on Obi-Wan. “Me? He wants... ”

“Anakin…”  Obi-Wan began, apparently not sure what to say. Anakin felt a flush of emotion—he wasn’t denying it. “Anakin, just…”

Ventress put a hand over Obi-Wan’s mouth, and spoke to Anakin conspiratorially. “He will never admit it to you out loud, Skywalker. Never in a million years.”

“But he…” Anakin realized he was asking Ventress a question, and glowered. “Don’t talk to me.”

Ventress rolled her eyes and crooked her finger in a beckoning motion, making her voice mocking and low. “Come here, pet. I can prove it.”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Anakin’s face felt hot again. He felt torn between approaching and running away and never coming back. Why was he still so hard? “I don’t have to listen to you.”

Obi-Wan pulled his head back and away from Ventress’s palm. He gave her an apologetic look and turned his face toward Anakin. His voice was too calm, and too polite. “Why are you here, Anakin? Did you need something? Let’s just go back to the Temple.”

“I don’t have to listen to you, either,” Anakin pursed his lips with frustration, looking back at Ventress. She crooked her finger again, and almost involuntarily he began to draw closer to where they were standing. “Prove it how?”

Ventress grabbed Obi-Wan by the tunic, turning him to face Anakin squarely and holding him in place. “Kiss him.”

“Ventress!” Obi-Wan said, scandalized. He tugged against her hold on his clothes. “Stop it.”

Anakin ignored him, looking at her smug face. “Why should I?” 

Ventress rolled her eyes again, the tang of bitterness coming back to her voice. “Because he wants you to, obviously.”

“Does he really?” Anakin breathed the question, feeling something like hope flickering despite himself. He was drawing closer, and it felt like he was being pulled in by a tractor beam.

“Anakin,” Obi-Wan said weakly, tugging one last time on Ventress’s hold. “Leave it. Let’s leave. It’s not important.”

“It’s definitely important to me,” Anakin murmured as he came to stand very close.

Ventress smiled knowingly, and gently shook Obi-Wan, as if she were dangling a lure. “Kiss him.”

“Can I really?” Anakin asked, finally looking into Obi-Wan’s eyes. He looked almost frightened.

“You want to?” Obi-Wan asked, his voice small. “What about Padmé? What would she think?”

Anakin blinked at him several times. So he knew about Padmé. That’s fair. “Our relationship is not exclusive. She prefers it that way, and I’ve learned not to mind.” He smiled at Obi-Wan, feeling a swell of smugness. “Attachment is not the Jedi way, Master. I thought you, of all people, would know that.”

“I didn’t think you did,” Obi-Wan muttered, looking down. “I assumed that you—”

“Just kiss him,” Ventress sighed, giving Anakin a look over his shoulder. “He doesn’t shut up otherwise.”

“—love her, and that it wasn’t what—”

Anakin actually felt the impulse to smile back at her. “I know. I’ve thought about lots of ways of shutting him up for years.”

“—you don’t have to, I know you don’t really—”

She huffed a laugh. “I don’t know how you possibly endured it.” She gave Obi-Wan a push, moving him closer to Anakin. “He’s insufferable.”

Obi-Wan’s cheeks were flushing red. “I resent—”

Anakin’s heart was pounding. It didn’t feel real, it didn’t feel possible. His Master had never thought about him that way, looked at him like that. Except apparently, he had...

He took one more step forward, into Obi-Wan’s personal space, close enough that Obi-Wan had to tip his head back slightly to look at him, his eyes full of so much wariness, but still black with desire. Anakin felt a swoop of arousal—incredulous, hopeful arousal. 

It was so obvious that Obi-Wan had just been in the middle of fucking someone—he smelled like sex, and there was a slight sheen of sweat, his color was high, his pupils large. So perfect. Anakin shook his head and exhaled hard, tipping his head forward and crossing the final distance—and Obi-Wan let him. 

Anakin kissed him, and then whimpered, incredulous, pressing their lips together with even more ferocity. His beard, he could finally feel it, it was rough, and his lips so soft, so perfect.

Obi-Wan immediately melted into him, his arms wrapping around Anakin and pulling him close. He returned the kiss passionately—taking control of it. It was like a dam had cracked open, revealing an ocean of pent-up need behind.

Anakin almost swayed into him, and Obi-Wan shifted a hand down his back, holding him tight. The moment was so perfect, almost unreal. The familiar scent of him, mixed with the new taste of his lips. Perfect.

Ventress sighed, and stepped back. She bent to pull up her leggings, and Anakin could feel her emotions trembling in the Force, more clearly than he’d have expected. He opened his eyes and pulled back slightly, breathing hard. She looked resigned, running a hand through her short blonde hair and looking at Obi-Wan with sad eyes, as if for the last time. 

He felt a swell of unexpected guilt. She’d been getting fucked by Obi-Wan, probably the best thing in the world, and now was watching him kiss someone else. No matter that she’d engineered it herself—it seemed like it must be a depressing sight. 

“You said it wasn’t the reason,” Anakin said and looked back at Obi-Wan, who was standing still with the expression of someone who had just been clobbered in the back of the head. 

Obi-Wan shook his head, his eyes refocusing only slightly. “What?” 

Anakin looked obviously toward Ventress, signalling with his eyes. “I wasn’t the reason you wanted her.”

Obi-Wan startled, and turned. He stepped closer to her, his voice unexpectedly filling with regret and frustration. “Why did you do that, Asajj?”

“It’s always been him.” She shrugged, her casualness studied and false. “It’s been fun, Kenobi.”

“Asajj,” Obi-Wan said, voice gentling. “Why is it so impossible for you to entertain the possibility that I’ve actually come to like you?”

She gestured widely between him and Anakin, but said nothing. It looked very much like she was about to bolt up the wall and escape. That’s not fair, she shouldn’t, it’s Ventress, but… 

“I want you to finish,” Anakin said abruptly, his imagination running away with him, the memory of what he’d just seen so fresh and vivid in his mind. “But can I watch? Watch him fuck you?”

Obi-Wan’s face snapped back, eyes wide. “What?”

Anakin swallowed, and then squared his shoulders with determination, meeting Obi-Wan’s gaze defiantly. “You weren’t done, were you?”

“No,” Obi-Wan said blankly. “We weren’t done.”

Anakin moved his eyes from Obi-Wan back to Ventress. She was blushing, he could tell. It gave him a swell of confidence, sure that he knew what was right. Yes, it was Ventress, but it was also… she was also… “You’re still wet, aren’t you? I’ll bet you are. I bet you liked watching him kiss me too, didn’t you?”

Her jaw dropped slightly, shifting backward in surprise and offense. “Skywalker—”

“You liked it,” he said, smirking. Now she was the one looking cornered. He teased her, “Don’t you want to come? I liked watching him fuck you.”

“Anakin!” Obi-Wan said, an incredulous admonishment. “What are you doing?”

“You should fuck her, Master,” he said, hand reaching for Obi-Wan’s hastily buttoned trousers. “I know you’re still hard.” Obi-Wan gasped as Anakin stroked against his cock through his pants. It was so long, so thick—so hard. “I can feel it.”

“Anakin…” Obi-Wan’s voice grew much weaker as Anakin touched him. “You want…”

“Are you serious, Skywalker? You really...” Ventress was giving him a skeptical look. 

An idea bloomed, and Anakin felt his own cock twitch, already so hard and getting harder. “He can fuck you, if you suck my cock.”

“Anakin!” Obi-Wan sounded scandalized. “You can’t just…”

“Deal,” Ventress said with a laugh, her distressed presence in the Force lightening considerably. She wanted to. “Come here, Skywalker.”

“What?” Obi-Wan said weakly, watching as Anakin moved past him, and Ventress sunk down to her knees, an amused look on her face. “What are you—” 

“You come here too, Obi-Wan.” Ventress instructed, and pushed her leggings back down and turned around, going to hands and knees. She directed Anakin to stand in front of her and then kneel, unbuttoning his trousers and pulling out his cock. “Not bad, Skywalker. I’m almost impressed.”

“Thanks,” Anakin said drily. He curled his fingers around his cock, jerking it a few times, getting it completely hard. He heard Obi-Wan make a small sound, and smiled up at him.

“Anakin…” Obi-Wan said, sounding bewildered, incredulous, aroused. “…Asajj?”

She laughed, and tugged at her own soft tabards as she shifted her position, rocking her hips back and offering her bare ass to Obi-Wan. Anakin looked back and forth down the abandoned alley, and felt a thrill that anyone could walk by and see them fucking.

“Asajj,” Obi-Wan repeated, voice much rougher. “Are you sure?” 

She rolled her eyes and spat in her palm, reaching for Anakin’s cock and batting away his own hand. She grasped him and spread the saliva on the head, making him suck in a surprised breath, and then stroked down the length with surprising gentleness. 

Anakin hissed at the slick pressure, and watched with satisfaction as Obi-Wan’s hand drifted to palm his own cock, almost involuntarily—his eyes flicking between Ventress’s hand on Anakin’s cock and between her legs. Anakin imagined that she was slick, soaking wet, and groaned, “Come on, Master, fuck her.”

Ventress rocked her hips again in invitation and made an affirmative noise, sucking the head of Anakin’s cock into her mouth. He groaned quietly at the wet heat and the perfect flick of her tongue along the slit, licking away his precome. Her lips pressed around him so perfectly, and she sucked, making him moan. 

He looked up when he heard Obi-Wan’s knees hitting the ground behind her, and they made charged eye contact—Obi-Wan stared into Anakin’s eyes, pulling his cock out, looking like he was in a waking dream. 

“Yes,” Anakin hissed as Ventress began to bob her head up and down faster, taking his cock deeper and deeper into his mouth. The motion made her sway, and it looked like she was already being fucked. He stroked her hair, and gave Obi-Wan a pointed look. “Master, please.”

Obi-Wan licked his lips and nodded, stroking a hand down Ventress’s back, coming to rest on her ass, stroking her gently. She hummed around Anakin’s cock, and he felt a spike of arousal, almost overwhelming, making his hips jerk forward into her throat. She coughed and pulled back, voice raspy and low. “Don’t do that, idiot.”

“S-sorry,” Anakin apologized, cock throbbing. “I really didn’t mean to.”

“I’ll bet,” she sniped at him, and then turned her head to look back at Obi-Wan over her shoulder, her voice softening. “Obi-Wan, please.”

Something important shifted in Obi-Wan’s eyes, the caution and incredulity wiped away, replaced by intent. “If this is really what you both want.” The hand that was stroking her ass gently pulled back and spanked her hard, making her rock her hips and moan around Anakin’s cock again. He spoke so much affection. “Such a schutta.”

“Master,” Anakin admonished him, a smile spreading on his face as Ventress just relaxed her jaw, taking him deeper, the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat. He moaned, and then said, breathless, “That’s no way to speak to a lady.”

Obi-Wan laughed, moving closer and lining up the tip of his cock and teasing her with the head. “She’s taking two cocks in an alley behind a club. I don’t think she’s much of a lady.”

Ventress pulled her head off Anakin’s cock, and groaned. “Do you two ever shut up? Just fuck me.”

Obi-Wan huffed a laugh, and then thrust his hips forward hard, sinking his cock in deep. She moaned, eyes rolling back and eyelashes fluttering. He fucked in again, hard, adjusting her hips to the right angle to take his cock and then beginning to fuck her roughly. “Is that satisfactory, my darling?”

Anakin felt strange. He’d heard Obi-Wan call her that before, he realized—but they’d been fighting, not fucking. Not that different, apparently. 

The force of Obi-Wan fucking into Ventress began to dictate the rhythm of how her head bobbed up and down on Anakin’s cock, her mouth so slick and warm. Anakin met Obi-Wan’s eyes, falling into them, petting Ventress’s short hair, and stroking her back. He could feel how much both of them were enjoying it, how good it felt, and it made Anakin want to crow with satisfaction. 

He found that getting to look Obi-Wan directly in the face as he fucked someone was the best thing he’d ever seen. Obi-Wan’s eyes were so bright, his cheeks so flushed, his breathing quick and shallow. The sound of him exhaling hard, muttering unintelligible things, hips slapping into Ventress—so tense and focused. 

“Master,” Anakin couldn’t help but whisper, a wave of disbelief washing over him. Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow at him, and then Ventress sucked just right—Anakin felt like he was about to fall over. “Too good.”

“Are you going to come already, Padawan?” Obi-Wan said, amusement filling his voice. “Is it really that easy to make you come?”

Ventress pulled her mouth off his cock with an audible pop. “If you come in my mouth, I will eviscerate you.”

“Such…” Anakin choked on a laugh, stroking her hair again and gently guiding her face back to his cock. She rolled her eyes and opened her mouth, moaning as Obi-Wan fucked her harder. Anakin’s cock slid along her tongue and pushed down her throat, and she let the force of Obi-Wan’s thrusts fuck her face on Anakin’s cock. He groaned in appreciation. “Such a lady.”

Obi-Wan smacked her ass again, his voice full of fondness. “Schutta.”

Her mouth popped off Anakin’s cock again, and she turned her head to send Obi-Wan a dirty look that was filled with an equal amount of affection. “If you don’t rub my clit now, I’ll eviscerate you too.”

Obi-Wan looked up at Anakin, his eyes twinkling with mischief. Anakin’s cock throbbed, and it felt like he was standing on the edge. He whined when Obi-Wan’s voice was rough and low, “Tell me how it feels when she comes with your cock down her throat.”

“Master,” Anakin said weakly. “I’m not going to last.”

“Oh, she’s close,” Obi-Wan smirked, his hand sliding around and beginning to rub her clit quickly, his hips speeding up. “She likes this—likes being stuffed so full of cock, such a good girl for us.” Anakin felt Ventress’s annoyed spike of lust in the Force, and Obi-Wan smiled. “Don’t worry about that, Padawan. She’s close.”

Anakin’s eyes fluttered closed, the sight of Obi-Wan’s face suddenly becoming too much. He began to categorically sort the pieces of his speeder by the street value he could get for them, visualizing each part as clearly as he could, desperate not to come.

He felt her orgasm in the Force before he felt her close her lips around him, sucking him hard for a moment before she shuddered, pleasure washing over her—her mouth falling open, her body trembling. Remembering instructions, Anakin held her head and gently fucked his hips forward, and she took his cock down her throat so easy, so wet with saliva and precome. 

Obi-Wan’s voice was sharp. “Tell me, Anakin.”

“Master,” Anakin panted, struggling to find his words. He met Obi-Wan’s eyes, desperate to communicate. “Tight, wet, so good. Takes it so good.”

“Well done, Padawan,” Obi-Wan almost cooed at him. “You may come now too—but do pull out, or she really will hurt you.”

“Yes,” Anakin nodded, breathing fast. He pulled his hips back, his hand jumping to his cock still so wet from Ventress’s mouth, jerking it quickly. “Yes, thank you.”

“Come, Anakin,” Obi-Wan said, eyes intent on his expression. "Come for me now."

“Yes, Master,” Anakin groaned, the release washing over him in a wave, the pleasure making him blink away stars, his hand beginning to fill with come as it spilled from his twitching cock.

“Good,” Obi-Wan breathed. Anakin watched as he grabbed Ventress’s hips and began to fuck her even more rapidly, pounding his cock into her, sliding in deep. “Very good.”

Ventress hummed with satisfaction at being fucked, looking at Anakin almost dreamily. “He’s insufferable, but he fucks so good.”

“Does he?” Anakin asked, sitting back on the ground, wiping off his hand and tucking away his cock. “I knew it.” He smiled widely, relaxing back, watching the show. “Do you let him come inside you?”

“No,” Ventress scoffed, breathing hard. “He’s not allowed.”

“Will you two stop,” Obi-Wan grumbled, his face a mask of concentration. “Talking about me. Like. I’m not here.”

“No,” Anakin and Ventress said at the same time. 

“Of course,” Obi-Wan huffed, refocusing on the place where his cock was sliding in and out of Ventress. He looked so very close.  

Anakin felt a thrill of inspiration and rose to his knees, hustling forward. “Come in my mouth.”

“Good idea,” Ventress hummed, waving a hand back at Obi-Wan, shoving him slightly with the Force. “I’m done. Enough.”

“Fine,” Obi-Wan said, frustrated and on the edge. He pulled out and almost glared at Anakin’s mouth, jerking his cock roughly. “Come here, now.” Anakin licked his lips and crawled forward, and as soon as he was within reach, Obi-Wan grabbed his hair, pulling him close faster, his voice intent. “Open.” 

Anakin let his mouth fall open, looking up at Obi-Wan with wide eyes for approval. Obi-Wan huffed a breath and shook his head with exasperation, pulling Anakin’s mouth onto his cock and sliding in deep. Anakin closed his lips, and sucked as best he could, still looking up at Obi-Wan, savoring his pleasure in the Force. 

Obi-Wan gripped his hair tighter, groaned, and came almost immediately—Anakin whimpered as Obi-Wan began filling his mouth with come. He tried to swallow it, but some spilled out and dripped down his face. Obi-Wan’s eyes eagerly tracked the overflow with satisfaction, and he exhaled hard. 

Eventually he let go of Anakin’s hair, and slipped his cock out, his face a strange mixture of satisfaction and concern. “Are you alright?”

Anakin licked his lips thoughtfully and hummed. “I’m the best I’ve ever been, I think.”

“Idiot,” Ventress laughed at his vacant expression, pulling her leggings back on. Anakin made a face at her, and she stood up, stretching and looking as satisfied as a loth cat, gorged on prey. “This has been ever so much fun, but I have a job to do and a bounty to collect.”

Obi-Wan sat down with his back against the wall, catching his breath and looking up at her. “Until next time, my dear.”

She rolled her eyes, and used a Force assisted leap to climb to the second story of the building across the alley, and then jump again, moving swiftly out of sight. 

“So you’ve been fucking Ventress?” Anakin asked, standing and cracking his back. He offered a hand down to Obi-Wan who let him help pull him up. “Since when?”

Obi-Wan shrugged, closing his trousers and adjusting his tabards. “Raydonia.”

“Really?” Anakin said, eyebrows shooting up. “That long?”

“We didn't mean for it to keep happening,” Obi-Wan said, looking back and forth down the alley before looking at Anakin speculatively. “Did you take a speeder out?”

“Yes,” Anakin sighed and pushed Obi-Wan back towards where he parked. “We’re not done talking about this.”

“Of course not,” Obi-Wan laughed. “I suppose we’ll never be done talking.”

Anakin smiled back. “I hope not.”

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Yes, I wrote this today. No, I haven't done much else. Look,, when the Muses are shouting, one simply must obey.


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